With the long summer already underway, the idea of setting up a sketchgroup came along.
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Saturday, 3 July 2010


Maybe I'll take next week's assignment more seriously!
I figure I might as well make it cartoony as only my eyes and nose bridge are visible in ninja garb.


  1. Love the style of the top one, I think you're heading in a very interesting direction with your art. I do suggest making the hands more clear, PRACTICE HANDS! Even pick up things from animation, where it's all about clarity. I recommend checking out these links, hope it helps Emily. And keep on going!




  2. Ahhh, I know! My hands are seriously lacking! Shoulders and arms in general throw me off in sketches and intimidate me in drawing bodies in my doodles! Thank you for the links, Erik :)!

  3. I like your thinking with the ninja suit, very nice style :)
    Some bombs and shurikens should serve us well against Michal's pistol

  4. Thanks Francis! I agree, ninjas overall will have no trouble nimbly creeping and attacking those drunken dirty pirates! Whoever came up with the idea that pirates and ninjas are equally matched are mistaken ;)!

  5. Nice. I really like the curves that are going around the body, in perticular the back and the front leg on the first one. Cool style =)