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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Hey guys,
Hope you're all having a great summer! im gonna be posting up some SPs really soon :p but i was just wondering, I wanted to study anatomy this summer, and I just saw Michal's awesome sketches :) i was going to buy Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy, do you guys have any suggestions for anatomy books?
Thanks, Parina.


  1. I've found Strength Training Anatomy to be an excellent companion with Bridgman's stuff.


    It's fantastic since it shows what movements use what muscles, and really goes into detail at several levels.

    I've also found a small antomy model to be super helpful, having the masses in front of you is a real boost. This one's proven surprisingly detailed and informative.


    Good luck!

  2. Check out "Artistic Anatomy" by Dr. Paul Richer.
    Apparently one of the most referenced anatomy books today, and quite detailed with plates covering both external and internal muscles, as well as bony landmarks ++

    Just ordered my copy from amazon uk, should be arriving any day now!

  3. I say go with Bridgman for constructive and breaking it down, vilppu for gesture and most importantly support it with drawing a lot from life.

    personally just ordered Faragasso Master the human figure. I'll give a review later on, but it's mostly my facination with the reilly method that led me to it.

  4. Thanks a lot guys! I ordered Bridgman for now, but ill definitely check out the others, ill probably need more than one ;P Thanks again!

  5. update: Got the book I mentioned, and I'm pretty pleased! It doesn't have drawings of where muscles inserts/originates unfortunately, but apart from that it's really good! It's pretty heavy though, so definately a good choice of going with bridgman first for basic construction.


    Check out this website to get PDF files of several Loomis books, good stuff that as well, and it's free!