With the long summer already underway, the idea of setting up a sketchgroup came along.
Share your sketches, comment on others, follow their progress, join the competitions and have a great time!
If you want an invite, just contact me with your email amd I'll send one - Erik

Sunday, 11 July 2010

the ultimate shield.

Superpower was going to be the ultimate shield, but I didn't spend enough time getting the idea across and focused more on the portrait.. im not sure if it worked tbh.. too tired to think properly.. Ill look tomorrow :P

Oh yea, guys stop slacking this isn't fine art! you don't have to post fully rendered pieces. Post your sketches over summer! Have you been travelling? what did you draw there? Shaaare! I'll get some more stuff going soon as I got my scanner finally :)


  1. Hey Erik, cool superpower idea-I like he bullet chipping off your shoulder- and the gun is fantastic! Makes me want to start mine already, I'm so lazy!

    Oh and about the sketches, I'm slowly in the process of putting some up on my own personal blog:
    Pass along your personal blogs if you have personal work to share too!

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes Erik! How did you celebrate?

    Nice work on this one, the likeness is defo there, and that's one seriously badass tattoo you have yourself. He doesn't look too concerned with all the gunfire around him, although I guess impenetrable skin allows someone a reasonable state of calm :]

    Back home now, hope I can churn out something half decent for the anthro theme, it's an exciting one