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Saturday, 3 July 2010


A ninja need not always conceal his face, especially not if his blade is guaranteed the final strike ¬_¬
Anyway, some silly sketches for this one, then was pretty happy with one.
Disappointed I didn't get to paint on it though :[, sorry ninjas.

And some strange photos to show the mirror setup and what some sellotape and serviettes will do for you ^_^


  1. Francis, awesome ninja setup and roleplaying ;)! I really love the studies you did (the first image) and the playing around with different disguises. Especially like the zorro-like one- nice twist! I had a difficult time figuring out how to use hair, as I don't think a ninja mask alone would be able to mask it down! Good job!

  2. Very cool post Francis!! thanks for sharing with your ideas. As usually lots of experiments which I always appreciated in your SP. Thanks to that You managed to keep resemblance wearing the mask hehehe, nice one man!!! Good drawing dude!

  3. hahaha, lol, awesome Francis! I love it! :ppp

  4. Hehe.. Cool Francis. I like it, and you even got the self portrait in with the mask, nice =) Why do you choose to do it with many mirrors and not a photoagrophy? Cool setup though ;)

  5. Thanks everyone.

    It's for a few reasons Magnus. Personal preference plays a large part, but a proportion of that comes from the influence of others - tutors, reading books, other artists.
    Usually, I only draw from photographs if that's the effect I desire or for research. I think the result is so different. The light/perspective to the camera cannot emulate what hits my eye exactly, and even if it's close enough to have no visible difference, most of the life from the subject is gone. It seems to become a still rendition of a still image, rather than a still image of a living subject. Think what Parr would say about capturing energy, vitality, living subject matter :D!!

    I've always done SPs from life, varying the reflections. I also like raising to what I think is a challenge sometimes :p. Photoref is really good though - I'd definately use for research, colours, etc etc.

    I don't mean to 'go off on one' ;), just spreading my thoughts atm. It's also nice for reasons like playing with your expression, seeing how the face moves, rather than how a freeze frame works. Capture even the blood pumping through the subject!! Just don't let the eyes die - I've found if you stare too long at an SP, focusing on the expression in your nose or mouth, for example, your eyes may go into 'normal blank study mode' ^_^

    P.S. Photos can be good as well if your sellotape-handerchief-pain-in-the-ass keeps falling off your face... ;]

  6. Photos is transfering a 2d object onto a 2d surface, from life you transfer a 3d object onto a 2d surface. Work from life when you can! :)