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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Some sketches

Michael has been pushing us to post something, anything on the blog, so I thought I'd add some of my sketches. 

I've been working on rendering. Finding it really dificult. Really good tutorials from Scott Reobertson though. 

Also I'm haveing a hard time with heads so I was following my dad around in a store trying to draw him. Not great, but ok sketch.

These ones I think I did in around a minutte, pretty happy with them considering the time.

Hate the hair!

Working on hands. God there is a lot I'm struggeling with :P

My sister while driving. Sorry about the bad quality on the photo.

OK, so that's some of mine, Michael I want to see you stuff (and the rest of you) ;)

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  1. Good job man! thanks for uploading your work here! I feel ashamed that it is not me posting it first hahaha. Keep it up, your hand studies are looking good!!