With the long summer already underway, the idea of setting up a sketchgroup came along.
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Saturday, 3 July 2010


I wish I had the time to get this done on time, but I have been moving houses and finally today at 9pm I got settled.. and we still don't have internet in the new house or a mirror I can place near my computer. So this one is entirely from my head.. so likeness is none existant.. supercheap motionblur on the rest of the image.. but wrah. I do need help coming up with the next challenge :o feedback, did people like this topic? want something similiar?


  1. Hey Dude! You are speedy gonzales! As for sp with no reference your portrait is really successful. You got the likeness. And obviously you very fluent with colours man! There are some anatomical issues but you didn't have much time.
    For the topic suggestion maybe... Indians vs cowboys or - as I mentioned to you before - draw your cut off head impaled on spear. It might be too much for some thou

  2. Hey Erik, hope you had a great birthday!
    Agreed with Michal, this self portrait is really good considering you don't have any references to work from- and I like the background feel (extra points for the ambush!) At first I was a bit confused with your anatomy- mainly just the head and shoulder region, I first thought you might have been spinning backwards or something, until I physically tried doing it and realized it's impossible in getting your knees forward, haha! But you've moved in and got this piece done, so many many kudos to you!