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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Self Portrait Challenge #3: Aged-Self

Posting this a bit early, as I'm leaving for Annecy. Keep posting guys, you're all very inspiring! :D

Description: Imagine yourself waking up one morning and suddenly you're 50years older. Draw yourself as an old person, focus on the face, add wrinkles, gray thin hair, and so on. Try to think about how your own facial features would develop over time.
Start date: 6th of may
End date: 13th of may

This next round focuses more on the face than the last one, really looking forward to see your contributions!

p.s. When posting add labels, at the bottom of the post there's an option saying "Labels for this post", press show all and the current once should show up below. Just click the once that fit the post, easier to look through at a later time then. Cheers all!

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  1. hey good topic! i was going to suggest it to u :)
    Start date: 6th of may
    End date: 13th of may
    u mean june don't u ? ;)