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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

my old version

here it is !
i drew a normal self-portrait first ,using a mirror, scanned and changed it in photoshop.
not rly sure if it looks like me but i think it did look , before i added the wrinkles an so on.

this's an another version


  1. Really really cool Alena- I like the revamped version on the bottom alot- the hair looks so good texturized! I think you'll look a lot better as an older person though :)- you look quite mean! But really good wrinkles, I love this!

  2. Hey! I will try one more time cos for some reason my comments disappear :(
    I like your SP very much. You managed to keep resemblance and as usually everything is in the right place (construction-wise). The bottom one seems like you spent more work on and I like it better.

    Ps Hope this time my post will stay here.