With the long summer already underway, the idea of setting up a sketchgroup came along.
Share your sketches, comment on others, follow their progress, join the competitions and have a great time!
If you want an invite, just contact me with your email amd I'll send one - Erik

Saturday, 29 May 2010

evil? me? no way?

Francis, you'd make an excellent queen :) haha
Great job to you as well Nat, and thank you both for participating in the first round, hopefully more will join in!

Here's mine, done with a pen, bit too rushed, ill invest more time next round :


  1. Nice Eric. And you, evil, never - scar must be from helping people cross the road. The crownhorns and colour details look very familiar... this best not be going where I think it is...
    Awesome stuff, this is so exciting, so many people taking part!

  2. Nice one man! You got the features accurately.I know its just a quick one but maybe the neck could be rendered a bit round the form at the moment seems to be flat. PS Is that your new haircut?

  3. yea had my hair cut hah :) yea Neck was just.. pointlessly there :) didn't bother about it